NRS Petro

Welcome to NRS Petro, the leading provider of EMV Solutions for Petroleum Stations. Our mission is to provide a cost effective, reliable and secure solution for Gas Pumps, without major reconfiguration or business downtime, so you can enjoy stress-free compliance with EMV regulations. With our Special Promotion, you can receive $500 off the system price. We offer Same Day Funding for Petro, unlimited Flat Rate EBT, and all the features that come with our NRS POS System. Together with the powerful NRS Petro POS and NRS Pay Credit Card Processing, we also offer convenience Cash Advances of up to $500K with next day funding, very high approval rates and flexible and affordable payback terms. Take advantage of our Special Promotion and experience the convenience and security of our EMV Solutions today. (Current Pricing And Details Will Be Discussed At Meeting Booking Time Meeting Now)